The End

so the title is kinda sad, but it is true. this is the end of this blog. we will be leaving it as it is now so people can read up to now. you see, we are forbidden to poast any longer. we are very sorry that we haven't posted for a while and wish that we could keep this blog. i'm writing this very sincerly. this school year will be ending in about 29 days (monday-friday only, not counting weekends) and then we will begin our 2nd year at this school. we were told that from year 2 on we wil not be able to tell anyone about what goes on in our school or home life. the 2nd year and on we learn very confidential things and we and our families are moved to a special base were we will be protected. so we can't tell anyone anything. this basically means "no more blog". so Lottie and i sadly are ending this blog and Lottie and i both say "we will miss posting and getting your comments". well before i get to emotional i guess i should say.......


PS- on happier news, Travis and i are still together and so are Lottie and Rory. we also got a new kid from Ireland, David, who was put in our clan and we all grew to love him (he has some really good ideas for pranks). Lottie and i were allowed to join the prank team, SPAWN, after my amazing prank that got us so many bank notes for "saving" the kid (read father down if you don't get it so you can get the whole story).

"ta-ta" (i would say "ta-ta for now" but i can't cause this is forever)


Sooooooooooo Sorry

I am sooo sorry that I forgot to tell you about the fact that we would be studying rigorously (with a few lapses that may or may not have included well thought out pranks) for our mid term exams. I really am sorry! But we're done with exams now (for the time being, at least) and will be posting again, regularly (I hope). But there will be final exams too... Oh well, come what may. Let's focus on the present, shall we? Well, we are now back in action (as you can clearly see from this post) and I wanted to say hello... again. Well, you already know that Em usually doesn't post on weekends (which may or may not be because of one person not a million miles from here named Traves). So this time it's no different. I am so glad that we finally get to relax after that rigorous studying and those difficult and terrifying exams. We all are. Ummmm, it sounds like someone poured water on my innocent and unsuspecting *cough, guilty and deserving, cough cough* sister. So, I have to go. ttyl 8)


Good Day

Yo. This is Rory. S'up, Dawg? Wow, I'm really bad at that whole gangsta thingy. So, the prank. Well, it was a masterpiece *laughs like an evil genius*. Btw, I didn't set poor Jer Bear on fire. He's too amazingly awesome, not to mention that he is good for pranks and the fact that the girls would kill me if I burned him. Well, Brazilian Scare consisted of Em setting fire to a pineapple on one of the tours and Jerry knocking it off the tree and using his amazing super rakoon powers-and opposable thumbs-to slice it up, and we ate roast pineapple! But only after letting him chuck some gooey, warm fruit at all the teachers and tourguides and letting some of the tree get on fire. Oh, yah, and Em made a show of saving a kid from the fire that had started on his hat and was awarded some bank notes for our clan. Of course, the funnest part was watching everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off while screaming at the top of their voices. Well, gotta split. See ya. Dawg.


Sorry I haven't posted since we got back. You see, on the Brazil slide show Rory and I showed Baldy McBaldald, we had a pic of him without his wig, looking horrified. It was a joke, of course (I came up with this one). Well, we got detention for yesterday and the day before so we couldn't post. I am still on crutches, but only for the rest of this week. According to the matron, I'm healing up fine. Portley did give us that prompt, but I was going to the bathroom (when you gotta go, you gotta go). It was only a five minute jot-a-thought and I wasn't back in time. The prompt was 'words' and Rory's was amzing (he wrote each word of it in a different language, so we could only understand the one english word and a couple of easy other ones). Well, in maths I tripped over my crutch trying to push my chair in with it and fell over my chair, landing sitting up in a seat at the table to my right. Miraculously, I didn't get hurt. Much. Everyone was laughing, so I bowed (a hard feat with crutches, I assure you). This got Lawrence even more mad at me and he was all snappy for the whole class (the lunatic was muttering under his breath how I had riled everyone up... which I did, but that's not the point. I mean, he was talking to himself, for Pete's sake! Isn't that the first sign of insanity?) Well, Rory wants to write about the prank now that he finally has a chance. Bye.



we had a writing prompt in English today and i wantd 2 post it so here it is:

I first saw him on an ordinary Monday. Tall, muscular, green eyes, and light brown hair just over his eyes. The new kid. The new, FEARED, kid. He was silent and never tried to make friends with anyone. Sarah, Danielle, Claire, Shelby, Kara, Anna, their attempts were met with only silence. Who was I to think that I could get even one word out of him? I still went forward. I’m a loner, I thought, why should he speak to me of all people? But yet, something urged me on. I sat across from him and didn’t speak. Just sitting there in silence. The whole lunch period was spent sitting in silence, but it wasn’t awkward or loud, it was perfect and normal. Something got me to sit across from him the next day and the next and the next. Everyday we sat across from each other in silence. At first everyone stared at me, the loner, and him, the new kid, sitting across from each other in a comfortable silence, but then they stopped staring and went back to ignoring me and began ignoring him too. Silence became my lunch period and amazingly I enjoyed and looked forward to it. I didn’t even know his name, but I couldn’t ask him. Something seemed to draw me to him and I couldn’t pull away. I would study his face while I was eating and wonder what he was thinking. One day he looked at me and said
“What?”That was it, just a simple “What?” It implied so many things, but I could seem to answer. It seemed like his deep voice was echoing through my head, What?, What?, What?… It was like he wondered why I was staring at him. I found that I didn’t have an answer and probably never would. Lunch ended that day in silence and continued in that silence everyday for the next year. Neither of us speaking and that one word spoken echoing between us....


Back From Brazil!!!

we r back from Brazil. it was sooooo much fun!!!!!! so we did do the prank, but Rory called dibs on telling wat we did so i have to keep it a secret for now. we just got back from Brazil an hour ago and Lottie and Rory are talking to Prof. Lawrence about it (they were volunteered to tell him about it and show a picture slideshow i kinda feel bad-ish-) Lottie should be posting a little later, but we r experiencing major jet lag. it's a good thing that the infirmiry has this coffee stuf that makes u really hypr and takes away jet lag quicker than normal. well Travis is currently sleeping, i think i will join him....

well, not in his bed or anything.... u know, like i will go sleep in my own bed and he will be in his, i'm just following his example.... ya, so i will go sleep now......



It is absolutely amazing here! I am totally in awe of everything. Visions aren't half as good as this. I have come here before, but mental travel doesn't let you communicate with the people and you're all by yourself. The people here are soooo ice, and Rory is chatting up a storm. I love the feel of the sun on my back, and the smells are amazing. All of you people would love it here. It is now officially one of my favorite places in the world. And, best of all, Prof. Lawrence had to stay back because he "Doesn't like the bugs" (but really it's because he gets burnt really easily so he didn't want to embarass himself- at least, that is the most reasonable of our wacky theories). This prank is going to be way cool. Maybe not as cool as the first one ever, the one on Lawrence, but hilarious all the same. I got to hold a monkey today! It was so adorable. One of the navy kids who can talk to animals said that it really liked me. Although, late last night, we were having a water ballon fight in the back yard of the hotel (everyone knows that you can't be in a hot place without having a water baloon fight). I tripped over a chair that nobody noticed and tore my MCL, a ligament in my knee. Now I'm on crutches for the rest of the trip! My theory is that Lorie made a last minute decision to move the chair in front of me, so I didn't see it in my mind or in front of me. I am sooo bummed out! Well, I have to go now- we're leaving the internet cafe. Bye.


so the Prof. let us go into an online cafe and do emails to our families and such, so i'm posting since Lottie is emailing our parents. Brazil is amazing. we are pretty much allowed to rome by our selves and Travis and i go off on our own most of the time, but Lottie and Rory always join us and we hang together. we love to listen to the Brazilian legends and when they get scary and i shudder Travis wraps his arm around me and pulls me towards him. i lean my head on his shoulder and let him comfort me. Rory and Lottie do the same thing so they can't make fun of us. the guys are planning another prank and they have dubbed it Brazilian Scare. i'm involved, but sworn to secrecy so i can't tell u but Lottie will when we do it. i'll only say that it invovles my ability to control fire and Jerry the racoon. it is insanely funny!! i'm lovin Brazil and i wish we could stay forever, but of course we can't cause good things never last. i'm getting a wicked tan and Travis thinks it looks hot. Lottie is jealous. she inheirited the irish from our mom's side of the family so she can't tan. she just freckles but Rory keeps telling her that he'll take freckles over a tan any day. that makes her happy. her and Rory are always so happy. well Travis wants to get some prank planning in so i've gotta go. i think that Lottie will be posting more later so she'll update you more on the Brazil topic.

I LOVE BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i guess that's it. see ya!!!! ttfn!!!!!!!!